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Delinda approached me one day while I was setting up to teach another CPR AED and First Aid class. She related her story ro me and said "that she was very glad that she took the time to attend and that she never thought that she would have to use her training". The few hours that she spent in my class added many years to her fathers life.  - Dennis

“When I saw The Look In His Eyes.”
It was the evening of January 19th and we were going to the BNSF Marketing Dinner.  It had been raining off and on all day and  I got home late.  My husband and I were discussing whether to go to the party due to the weather and having to get the boys to my parents.
We decided to go, loaded the boys in the car and took them to my parents house.  Once we got there the boys ran in with their backpacks, straight to their room in the back.  As my husband and I walked towards the door, my mother met us saying that something was wrong with my Daddy.
I could hear him from the living room and I thought he was getting sick and possibly throwingup.  He came into the room and passed by us not saying a word just walking by continuously burping and holding his fists against his chest.  I asked him if his chest hurt or if his arms were bothering him but he just looked at me very serious and confused as to what he was feeling.  I asked if he wanted to go the hospital and he wouldn't answer. I was confused in trying to figure out why he was burping so much if he had not had dinner, it was 7pm and he last ate at 1130.
My parents are in the ministry and my father has a small church, therefore they have never had the luxury of having insurance, so just going to see a doctor, let alone going to the emergency room, is a huge decision.  When I saw the look in his eyes, I made the decision to seek medical help. Perhaps four minutes had passed since I walked in the door.  After being admitted in the hospital we were advised that my father had suffered a very serious heart attack and that one of his main arteries was complete closed.
A week later, as the cardiologist was giving my dad his final review before he was free to go home the doctor asked how long was he unconscious.  I said that he’d never lost consciousness.
As I look back on that evening, I realize that God was controlling the order of events.   There were three incidents that took place that normally would have prevented us from going to the dinner which would have meant us not going to my parents  house.
Recognizing the signs and symptoms of a heart attack saved my dads life. -( I was able to recognize the signs and symptoms of a heart attack because I had recently attended a First Aid - CPR - AED seminar taught by Dennis Ault.)
My father and I talk about this now and realize that it was
obvious he had suffered a heart attack.
Since then I have talked to several people about what happened and twice I have been told that their loved one either went to bed to rest or took antacids and went to bed and during their sleep had a second attack and died. - DeLinda